piątek, 17 czerwca 2022


I'm glad that summer is already in full swing, because what else can give so much positive energy as the sun warming our bodies? It makes you want to live and take better care of yourself, for example by playing sports. I'm one of those lazy people who don't like working out, but this year I decided to ride my bike every day.

I did not prepare myself especially for this. I've got my bike, I've got my water bottle, what's left is comfortable clothes and adjustable strap sports bra, like the one you can see in the picture below.


This is a great bra, the best one I've had. It has no underwire because it uses the adhesive method instead of underwire. The beautiful scoop neckline and the aforementioned method are great at supporting and enhancing the breasts. The invisible cups do not overheat the breasts and give a huge comfort in wearing. It is also important that the bra does not deform during multiple washings.

There used to be not much talk about the importance of comfortable underwear for women. Nowadays our awareness of this topic is much better and so is the access to high-quality products. Thanks to lingerie, us ladies can visually lift our buttocks, conceal stretch marks, cover our belly, emphasize and lift our breasts, and at the same time feel comfortable and convenient.

The shorts seen above match perfectly with the bra I described earlier. They are simply like a second skin. The shorts smoothen and keep you cool thanks to being made of collagen and polyamide yarn. Of course, they are seamless and very comfy. The breathable fabric provides all day comfort, is air permeable and dries very quickly. They should be hand washed in cool water. The material has added collagen, which cares for the skin, cares for healthy bones and stimulates the production of new cells.

As we know, the world is paying more and more attention to ecology, so underwear is also becoming eco-friendly. Even the packaging in which the underwear is delivered is made of completely recyclable paper.

And here is an appeal to all women - take care of your comfort, let it become a daily ritual, because you are worth it.

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